Robotic process automation


robotic process automation

Automating repetitive, rule-based tasks.

We offer our clients a reliable implementation of automation technology to improve business processes and thereby making your organization more effective, and increase capacity in your teams. We have created cutting-edge solution to digitalize processes in your company. We call it NESO. With NESO you will be able to automate end-to-end processes, regardless of number of specific exceptions or localizations required by your process. NESO BOTs include advanced Artificial Intelligence to elevate your company's advantage over the market and competition, by combining human and digital workforce together. With our digital employee you can easily scale up your business with no extra costs included. For futher information please check NESO PANEL

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Business analyst

Effective bots mean understanding how tasks and processes are performed by a person. Probably the most important is: why? Understanding why people are doing it this way now and can we do it better with RPA



RPA developer

In our work we make sure that BOTs work seamlessly with people and company’s other digital environment. BOTs need to unleash agility and effectiveness of people