Robots 2

Jobs for Your (Robotic) Team

Review Your Orders and Check Receivables

98% of automated cases have resulted in the focus of 2 sales representatives on customer service instead of order processing. 1 debt collection accountant has been replaced, and overdue receivables have decreased from 43% to 5% within 2 months.

NESO Expert Bot

NESO reviews your orders directly in the SAP system, compares all open orders with outstanding receivables, and contacts your customers via email to collect outstanding receivables, automatically releasing orders when all conditions are met. NESO ensures that the product is available and receivables have been settled.

Check Inventory in Your Retail Stores for Supplier Returns

100% automation of a human task translates to an average daily savings of 4 hours per retail store. With 600 stores, the potential of 300 employees can be focused on customer needs.

NESO Senior Bot

NESO reviews current inventory and identifies products that can be fully returned to the supplier (fully returnable by the supplier), based on previous trends and history. NESO prepares a list of products for supplier approval, generates shipping documents, and updates accounting systems for you.

Approve Delivery Confirmations According to Open Orders

98% of automated cases have resulted in 3 procurement specialists focusing on negotiating better prices rather than manually processing orders and deliveries.

NESO Senior Bot

NESO retrieves delivery confirmations from your incoming mail, compares them to open orders in your systems. NESO communicates with the supplier in case of delivery discrepancies and confirms orders when the delivery is in alignment.

Purchasing / Procurement

  • Reading and verifying invoices from suppliers
  • Reading, comparing, and evaluating contractual documents
  • Creating master data for materials and suppliers
  • Price analysis and supplier comparisons
  • Assessment and presentation of supplier performance indicators


  • Creating and sending invoices to customers
  • Verifying customer data (financial stability, creditworthiness, etc.)
  • Creating and maintaining master data for customers
  • Creating/entering customer orders into the ERP system
  • Generating order confirmations


  • Reading, verifying, registering, and accounting for invoices
  • Creating and maintaining master data for suppliers/customers
  • Conducting financial liquidity checks
  • Reading and compiling data for product calculations


  • Transferring CAD/engineering data to ERP systems
  • Creating and maintaining master data for components
  • Scanning and saving component data cards
  • Generating notifications of design changes
  • Searching, comparing, and evaluating engineering parts

Human Resource Management

  • Recording and processing sick leave notifications
  • Evaluating payroll data and generating pay slips
  • Collecting, evaluating, and storing structural employee assessments or employee surveys
  • Creating HR reports in Excel from any data source


  • Creating and managing IT permissions
  • Assigning, prioritizing, and responding to service requests
  • Performing data backups in various systems
  • Generating assessments and reports from databases


Task Analysis

Approximately 2 weeks

  • Analysis (Remote Video Conferences)
  • Recording video of tasks/processes
  • Preparation of a document describing the task/process
  • Document review with the development team
  • Document approval
  • Preparation of a test environment

Robot Development

Approximately 2 weeks

  • Robot expansion and preparation for deployment

Robot Deployment

Approximately 1-2 weeks

  • Installation Robot work review (stabilization phase)
  • Adding edge cases not mentioned in the analysis phase

24/7 Maintenance

SLA Agreement 48h

  • Continuous monitoring of robot performance and updates in case of environment changes affecting robot tasks.